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A „Wild“ Paradise for Humans and Animals

Since 2014 the Academy offers very special public tours in Wildpark Poing. They aim at promoting enthusiasm for nature, local wildlife and protection of the environment.

Together with the zoologically trained Academy staff members Susanne Schimpf und Dr. Antonia Hingerle, tour parti-cipants explore and learn everything they always wanted to know about flora and fauna. In 2015, Schimpf and Hingerle guided all in all 30 tours with families, child care groups, mentally challenged children, students, seniors and even with some members of the friends‘ association of the Deutsche Jagd- und Fischereimuseum. Each tour is designed individually for each group, according to the specific interest of the parti-cipants. All tours aim at the participants‘ restoring an imme-diate connection to the wildlife, since the personal experience facilitates an understanding of simple ecological context and species specific characteristics.  

There are also scientific tours, e.g. for dentists wanting to know about animals teeth, or for students of communication sciences interested in species specific communication among selected type of birds, like white storks, blue peacocks, or eagle owls. There were also special needs tours for the blind and visually impaired, as well as for classes with children challenged by ADHD. Families were registering for subjects like „Wildlife Families“ or “Wildlife preparing for Winter”. Children’s birthday parties were exploring „Owls – silent hunters at night“ or „Wolf, Lynx and Bear – dangerous animals on our doorsteps?“
Since 2015 the visitors of Wildpark Poing are not only able to hear how exciting the local wildlife actually is, but can also read about it during these tours – on six big panels installed
by the Academy. They are the work of famous illustrator Günter Mattei, who once also presented his art in Tierpark Hellabrunn. Henning Wiesner wrote the texts. All material can be read in the book „Das große Buch der Tiere“, created by him and Mattei (published by Hanser Verlag) as well. The panels „Language of the Wolves“, „From Wildlife to Domestic
Animal“, „From Menagerie to Nature Conservation Centre“, „Poison Arrow and Blowpipe“, „Fly – But Where?“ and „Secret Smell Signals“ themselves are already special attractions and always worth a visit in Wildpark Poing.

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About us

The academy supports animal welfare, nature and species conservation projects worldwide. We are a non-profit organisation relying solely on tax deductible donations. Our aim is to help endangered species and animals in distress which are otherwise without financial support.