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Always Serving the Zoo Animals and Wildlife of this Planet in 2017

  • The Academy will continue to support the development of wildlife stations, particularly in Bavaria, Romania and Tanzania.
  • The Academy will continue to work with Prof. Hildebrandt and his team (IZW), in order to succeed in the collection of rhino oocytes at home and abroad.
  • Scientific cooperation with the Zoo Vesty Pakos La Paz, Bolivia will be intensified. The zoo asked for additional expert advice and training on site, in particular in the fields of anaesthesia and feeding. Dr. Miriam Wiesner will conduct an advanced training in the La Paz Zoo in March 2017. Ethnologist Alexandra Falter, whose Bolivian ancestry is beneficial for the cooperation, will support this.
  • In Ruhpolding/Aschau, the telemetric observation of the red deer population’s behaviour in time and space is planned. The aim is to promote their natural expansion in areas approved for them. For this purpose, the animals will be fitted with satellite collars. Henning Wiesner will act as animal welfare officer.
  • The GIZ Cameroon asked the Academy to give advanced training courses at the School of Wildlife Management in Garoua as well as to advise the local zoo. Julia Maltzan will undertake this task in May 2017.
  • The Academy will arrange a workshop on elephants in the Pistoia Zoo in Italy for early summer.
  • Prof. Atef Kamel of the Suez Canal University in Egypt is asking for further training in anaesthesia and wildlife immobilisation, blowpipe training, and hands-on demonstrations for the Alexandria Zoo.
  • Additionally, protective measures for the Nubian wild ass in Egypt will be expedited. The Academy wants to confer with telemetry specialist PD Dr. Marco Heurich from Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald as well as with the wildlife experts for equidae, Helmut and Gertrud Denzau.


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The academy supports animal welfare, nature and species conservation projects worldwide. We are a non-profit organisation relying solely on tax deductible donations. Our aim is to help endangered species and animals in distress which are otherwise without financial support.