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Wildlife Stations for Bavaria and Romania

To this day, there is neither enough space nor a lobby for wildlife found helpless and wounded in our latitudes, but this is about to change. The Academy is involved in the effectuation of not one, but two rescue stations: in Bavaria and Romania.

Already in 2015, the Academy has entered a cooperation with various other animal welfare and protection groups, amongst them the Tierschutzverein München e.V., the Tierrettung München e. V., the Auffangstation für Reptilien München e. V., the Klinik für Vögel der LMU, the Lehrstuhl für Tierschutz, Verhaltenskunde, Tierhygiene und Tierhaltung der LMU München, the Bayerischer Jagdverband, the Ornithologische Gesellschaft, the Verein Eichhörnchenschutz e. V. and the Landesbund für Vogelschutz. Dr. Julia Gräfin Maltzan has been particularly advocating for that.

At the request of city counsellor and Academy board member Dr. Evelyne Menges, the City of Munich agreed to further pursue this idea. Therefore, several meetings took place in the Kreisverwaltungsreferat, Munich’s regional administrative office in 2016. These meetings established a joint concept for such a centre. The concept is mainly about a mission statement, the organizational structure of the centre, and the integration of already existing animal shelters. The definition for the area of responsibilities was defined as follows: first address for veterinary aid and care, release, research and monitoring, participation in breeding projects for endangered wildlife, expert advice on the phone, emergency service as well as environmental education and public relations.

The NGO “Transylvanian Wildlife Project” (TWP), which the Academy has supported since 2015, helps to promote the development of a wildlife rescue station in Romania. In 2016, Alexandra Sallay-Mosoi and the TWP team have begun to work with a veterinarian, who has already been treating injured wildlife there. They work intensely on planning and implementing the rescue station.

The Academy is supporting all of these projects in 2017 as well.


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